Wow Guests With Six Wonderful Whiskey Cocktails

Whether you are planning a sit-down dinner for two or a full-fledged affair for fifteen, set up a bar and serve some simply delicious whiskey cocktails. Whiskey is a classic staple of the American bar, and it is found in a range of drinks and beverages, both sweet and savory. Buy your favorite bourbon, rye, or whiskey, and create some delicious drinks that will wow your family and friends. Six whiskey cocktails that your guests will love are: [Read More]

How to Make Sweet Table Wine From Concord Grape Juice

Wine making might seem like a difficult, involved process -- and it certainly can be if you start with grapes and expect to make a nuanced, high-end wine capable of pleasing the most discerning palates. But there are ways to make wine making simpler and more accessible if all you're looking for is a basic, sweet table wine. Read on to learn one method for making sweet table wine from Concord grape juice. [Read More]